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There are many tales of how successful online poker players started their careers playing no deposit poker. Annette Obrestad´s story is possibly the best chronicled account of how somebody who started from scratch went on to win £1,000,000 at the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2007. However Chris Moorman – who has over $7 million in lifetime online poker winnings – also started his first online poker bankroll playing no deposit poker bonus freerolls while a student at the University of Essex, and Jake Cody honed his skills on no deposit poker sites before making his first – and allegedly only – poker deposit of $10.00.

Take Advantage of Sign-Up Offers

There are three ways to kick off a bankroll with a no deposit poker bonus. The first is to take advantage of free poker cash given away by online poker sites looking to attract new players into the world of real money poker games. 888 Poker is the most high profile of these sites and has the best offer with $8.00/£5.00 free money to spend on whatever variety of online poker game you wish. This offer is a lot better than some other sites which provide you with tournament tokens to play specific games, as 888 Poker will allow you to cash out once you have collected twenty 888 poker player points. However, if you are intend on building a poker bankroll from scratch, you would use the no deposit poker bonus to build into a larger bankroll rather than take the fiver and run, so this is definitely the best way to start playing no deposit poker. Check our 888 no deposit poker bonus page here, or sign up to get your free poker bankroll using the link below.

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Freeroll Your Way to the Stars

Most online poker players are aware of the PokerStars “Astronomers” freerolls which are hosted every forty minutes on the site and in which players who make the final sevens tables qualify for one of two weekly freeroll finals with $2,000 in prize money. These are so popular that, after spending at least three hours qualifying for the target tournament, you could have to play for another seven hours in order to reach the final table and cash anything above $10.00. More viable options exist on sites such as Lock Poker and Carbon Poker, who both host 5 x $200.00 freerolls each day (and therefore give away 75% more no deposit poker money than PokerStars) with far smaller fields to compete against.

Enrol at a Poker School

There are several poker schools which will provide you with a path to playing no deposit poker simply for enrolling with them. Sites such as will pay $50.00 into your online poker account once you have passed certain qualification procedures and, although you cannot withdraw it straight away, it provides a superb springboard to get into real money online poker without depositing any of your own funds into the game. Furthermore, enrolling with a poker school with give you a far better education in no deposit poker than freerolling – which tends to be a little bit loose and not give a true representation of the standard of play in real money games.

No Deposit Poker Summary

Building up a poker bankroll from scratch is definitely a possibility and has been done before. Players with a little bit of poker knowledge will benefit from the 888 Poker no deposit poker bonus, while those willing to put the hours in can make it through the freeroll programs at PokerStars, Lock Poker and Carbon Poker. However, for those willing to put the hours in and work hard on their game, possibly a poker school is the best option. A certain 18 year old from Germany did just that in 2007 and, four years later that German lad – Pius Heinz – won $8.7 million in the WSOP Main Event and landed a lucrative contract with the world´s biggest online poker site.

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